Electrical Services

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  • Lightning & Power Installation
  • Main/ Sub Cable laying, termination, testing & Commission
  • Main/ Sub main panels, distribution boards distribution
  • Cable trucking, tray, ladder, conduit & Cable support system
  • Lightning production System

Planning Sanitary

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  • Hacking the wall
  • Piping laying installation, Ground & Overhead tank Installation
  • Testing for supply pipe, soil & waste pipe hydro
  • Fixture installation

Material Distribution

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ERICO Grounding Products, Surge Protectors and Lightening Arrester

  • UL Listed Ground Rod.
  • Ground Improvement Powder (GEM).
  • CADWELD Material, Mold , Control Unit and Accessories
  • Various Type of SPDs
  • Conventional and Non-Conventional Lightning Arrestors
  • Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Cables and Wires
  • Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Overhead Line Construction Materials and accessories


Power Access Service

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  • Survey, Design and Execution of Grounding
  • Surge Protection
  • Lightning Arrestor System for Telecommunication and Electrical Power Industry
  • Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Transmission
  • Distribution and    Substation Construction

Aircon Services

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  • Go to the site for survey
  • Calculate aircon design
  • Discuss with customer for install location
  • Installation

We provide aircon installation with window type and sprite type. Our installation aircon brands are Chigo, Mitsubishi and Daikin.

Grounding System

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  • Indoor Bonding Arrangement
  • Outdoor Grounding Arrangement
  • Surge Protection for Power and Telephone Lines
  • Lightning Protection for Telecommunications Towers
  • Lightning Protection for Roof Mounted Installation.