UD-80A (569010)

Product Introduction: ERIFLEX Terminal Block

It is also called single pole distribution block used in the place of bus bar, neutral bar and ground bar as multipoint cable connector. The benefits of using ERIFLEX Terminal Block are as following.

(1) Increase the number of cable outputs with one input
(2) Spacing saving when used inside the electrical panel due to its compact size
(3) Time and Cost saving as the block provide hex screw tightening for easy direct cable installation withouth cable lug
(4) Guaranteed conformance to the product specification especially for max current and short circuit current rating
(5) Improve the visual appearance and tidiness of the electrical panel interior



Product Name: UD-80A (569010)
Max Current Rating (IEC): 80 A
Short Circuit Current Rating(SCCR): 100 kA
Max Working Voltage (IEC): 1000 VAC/DC
Line Side Number of Connection: 1
Line Side Compact Stranded Wire Size: 6-16 mm2
Line Side Wire Size: #16-#4
Load Side Number of Connections: 6
Load Side Compact Stranded Wire Size: [2] 2.5-16 mm2
[4] 2.5-6 mm2
Load Side Wire Size: [2] #16-#4


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