TDS 350 TT 277

Product Specification

Product Name – Transient Discriminating Surge Diverter (TDS 350 TT 277)
Nominal System Voltage – 240-277 VAC
Max Continuous Operating Voltage – 320/536 VAC
Short Circuit Current Rating(SCCR) – 200kA
Max Discharge Current(Imax),per Phase – 50kA 8/20µs, 12.5 kA 10/350µs N-PE
Back-up Over Current Protection – 125A
Voltage Protection Rating (VPR),L-N – 1200V@3kA, 1600V@20kA
Protection Modes – L-N,L-PE,N-PE
Response time – 5ns Max
Connection, Solid – 35mm² Max
Connection, Stranded – 25mm² Max
Mounting – 35mm top hat DIN rail
Size – 90mm x 70mm x 68mm
Unit weight – 0.5  kg



  • TD Technology with thermal disconnect protection
  • Compact design fits into DIN distribution panel boards and motor control centers
  • Indication flags and voltage-free contacts provide remote status monitoring
  • Separate plug and base design facilitates replacement of a failed surge module
  • 50 kA 8/20µs maximum surge rating provides protection suitable for sub-distribution panels and a long operational life


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