Copper-Bonded Ground Rod

Product Information

            The copper-bonded ground rod has an electrolytic coating of copper deposited over a layer of nickel. This process helps ensure a long lasting, molecular bond between the copper layer and the steel core. ERICO recommends copper-bonded ground rods because the copper coating will not slip or tear when driven, nor will it crack if the rod is bent. The tough, carbon steel core has good characteristics for deep driving. Copper-bonded ground rods have a high resistance to corrosion and provide a low resistance path to ground.



Product Specifications

Product Name:                        : Copper-Bonded Ground Rod

Ground Rod Diameter:           : 14.2 mm

Length:                                    : 2.4 m

Plating Thickness:                   : 254 µs

Unit Weight:                           : 3.070 kg


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